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Oct. 21-25 @ SHS Soccer Field

Boys 2:45-4:15 pm

Girls 3:55-5:55 pm

Arrive ready to play.

The 2019-2020 Athletic Packet must be completed and turned into the Athletic Office a week before tryouts. You must be in good academic standing of at least a 2.0. The athletic office will ensure you are eligible to participate and put you on the athletic database once you are. If the coach does not see you on this list (only coaches have access) you will not be able to try out.

Bring running sneakers, cleats, shin guards, and water. Wear black socks and black shorts and any shirt.

You should be fully fit at the time of tryouts. Highly advise reviewing the Tryout Evaluation and the Fitness Test information below. Fitness Test results will be logged and posted every year.



Attributes of a Lady Sailor Soccer Player


A Lady Sailor Soccer Player has a positive attitude, welcomes a challenge, and uplifts her teammates. She is receptive to coaching instruction and is respectful to her teammates, competitors, and coaches. She maintains a positive and optimistic attitude in the face of competition, regardless of the score.


A Lady Sailor Soccer Player is committed to the team and puts in her best effort at every practice and at every game. Without a doubt, she leaves it all on the field. Whether the task at hand is easy or challenging for her, she is always giving 100% and inspires her teammates to do the same.


A Lady Sailor Soccer Player has the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological abilities that contribute to the team.